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Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.—Hardy D. Jackson


While describing what I try to achieve with each person that I meet in the course of my philanthropic work, I acknowledge that I am merely a conduit – a messenger for the one who is giving as well as for the one who is receiving. Sometimes, the best that I can do for someone is to send them back out into the world having been heard and, hopefully, strengthened with an act of empathy.

My empathy is because I recognize the pain. It mirrors my own life experiences of struggle, fear, betrayal, anxiety, sadness, grief and loss.  There is a desperate need to take action on both of our parts.  That effort of someone taking an active step to seek help, a desire to do something, that is brave and humbling.

In my opinion, passion is not merely an emotional free-fall.  It is a commitment and conviction to make a difference in whatever environment you are in.  I believe that passion can be doing the very best that you can do, despite limiting conditions, and trying to help someone else through the worst that life has thrown them.  It is a conscious effort to make a difference and try to heal the world one person at a time.

When it comes to expressing how I feel, I have strong and intense opinions.  Life has taught me, sometimes harshly, what I need in order to understand someone else’s pain. Those lessons have prepared me to determinedly choose to take action because it is right, not easy.  Creating positive change is a passion and I advocate for empathy every time.


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The quickest way to boost your serotonin and float those happiness neurons is to speak to someone who is passionate!

No, I don’t mean that kind of passion.  I mean someone who is passionate about a cause, or an activity, or empathy, or charity – and is not afraid to speak about it.

There is a wonderful feeling you get when you speak to someone who just “gets it.”  The world is not just about him; in fact, it is about making others feel appreciated, and validated, so that they can help make even more people feel comforted and cared for!

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting with someone who works in the health field.  He keeps his people from burnout, and retains long term employees, by respecting that it takes effort to be empathetic, and hear other people’s problems, or circumstances.  He understood that by keeping his employees validated, and encouraged, the environment of trust and loyalty extended from his staff right down to the way they handled the phones. He understood that they are the face of the company and treating them gently at times, and well, meant that they could do so for others.

In addition to special outings, or meals, or even small gifts of appreciation – like chocolate, or a book – he brings in a psychologist once a month to speak with his employees.  Not because he thinks that they are unwell. On the contrary, he wants to be sure that they remain healthy, heard, and understood.  For those who care for others, in any way, it is hard to leave the stories behind at the end of the day.

When you open your heart, or help to lighten the burden, you are carrying a piece of someone else’s pain with you. It is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of your effort to strengthen someone else.  If you don’t open your heart, at least a little, you cannot express kindness or compassion to another. Finding others who “get it,” and share your passion makes the journey kinder and more inspiring along the way.


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