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At the end of the day, we want peace.  For ourselves, for our world, and for our loved ones; the search for peace and contentment does seem elusive.  The violence of our world has shattered our existence and global change needs to shift more positively.

Some of us worry about our finances, relationships with loved ones, jobs and careers, raising our children, developing our passions and inspirations, and building a life of meaning.  Each of these can lead us to peace of mind and spirit.  Living without constant conflict, fear or doubt, would be a means to peace.

Kindness and compassion to others is one means of bringing moments of peace.  At times when my mind has far too many tabs open, I seek music to soothe me, as well as words.  A year of plans and decisions has passed to make room for new ones in the coming year. Have I chosen well? Did I make others happy? Did I make someone else feel better when I had the chance?  Do my loved ones know that I may not have liked every interaction, but am so grateful for them in my life?

These are steps along my personal path for peace.  Until our world catches up, I will do my part to create it in my life.

I wish you moments of comfort and calm in your search for peace.



oscar statues

I got your attention, didn’t I? That is totally awesome. Thank you for allowing me that opportunity.

By nature, people are competitive. We want the biggest billing and the brightest lights. Our actions are not merely “large”, but we want to embellish them. Our TV and entertainment draw from this: The Biggest Loser, The Amazing Race, Survivor, The Greatest Show on Earth. I saw a catalog that showed off America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride. Is it true? Who knows, but I guess they figure that no one is going to argue with them. After all, there are a lot of bike trails and it is not worth the time or size of the legal expenses.

We don’t just want to win; we want to crush, pulverize, demolish, reduce, minimize, enslave, own, and make someone else cry like a little baby. Our egos have gone on a serious sugar rush mixed with high doses of pseudoephedrine.

I am no different; my family will not play Scrabble with me. Others like to win at Monopoly and charging someone payment on six mortgages for landing on Park Place.

While the adrenaline high is magnificent, when we are not doing something so extraordinary, like just going to work or standing in the grocery aisle, it can make our lives seem simple, boring, or uninteresting. We cannot all be adrenaline junkies; we have enough road rage and athletes on steroids.

As we try to be the biggest and the brightest, we also compare. Wait! You think you had it bad, I once broke five bones trying to tie my shoe. I walked to school, in the snow, backwards, five miles, with no shoes.

We struggle and we compare, but do we really want to be the top winner in all of our contests? Do we really want to be the sickest? Or grieve the most personal losses? Do we want the size and amount of our panic attacks to outnumber someone else?

In the race to outpace, not every competition is one I want to win. I would love to win the lottery, which is pretty much our family retirement plan. However, sometimes I crave a different pace and life in the slow lane. Not having to jump out of bed at the bleat of the alarm, staying in pajamas all day if I want to, eating chocolate rather than cooking, and reading with my magazines and books spread around me. Those are some of the delights that not chasing my tail allow me.

In the scheme of things, I would love to be the best at relaxing or letting go of the mental clutter. Let someone else crush and pulverize the Universe. Today, I just want to be the most extraordinarily peaceful self I can be and that is definitely challenging enough.

Thanks for stopping by! It means more than you know.