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You may not complete everything that you have started and may certainly not end up where you had hoped.  But, each step, no matter how small, means that you can stand up and be counted.  You continue to rise ~ whether in strength and confidence or fear and doubt ~ you make an effort to put one foot forward.  Just that one act is a catalyst.   It may feel like stubborn fear, but to someone else, you are showing your resilience.  As you continue to use each day to begin again, you give yourself permission to feel or grieve, yet don’t let it keep you from moving forward one way or another.  If you are going, just keep going.


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there was never a night that could defeat


As the days get colder, and the daylight gets shorter, we spend more time ruminating and thinking as we feel our fears in the dark.  Sometimes, we need a reminder that Morning is coming and that the Sun will rise again.

Sending you Peace.



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