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dorothy parker_obituary

Witty writers leave a lasting legacy. One of the most influential, and sadly, not always recognized as the source for many witticisms still in use, is Dorothy Parker.

Born in 1898, she had a childhood full of conflict and sad circumstances. Her mother died just before her fifth birthday, her difficult stepmother passed three years later, and her father died just before her twentieth birthday.

Through her pain and deep sources of internal conflict, she went on to become a bright literary light. She became an editor to Vogue Magazine, on the board at The New Yorker magazine and founding member, a Hollywood screenwriter, and prolific poet and published author.

She was a vocal advocate for civil rights and against Nazism. At one point she called herself a Communist which caused her to be blacklisted by the Hollywood establishment in the McCarthy era of the 1950’s.

She was married three times; twice to the same man. Dorothy Parker had very traumatic and conflicted love stories, many affairs, and attempted suicide three times.

Raised in New York, she returned to Manhattan and died at her residence in 1967.

For a further detail of her accomplishments, see

Enjoy some of her many witty and sarcastic quotes. I love that she uses sparkling use of the English language, twists of truth, and black humor.


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Maybe you have just had that kind of day…or maybe you have had that kind of decade.  Laughter and humor help to lighten the load.  Have a Great Weekend!!


grieving thanksgiving turkey

May you and your loved ones have much to celebrate today and every day!

(and thanks to Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and her wonderful research )

do u forgive me cookie

I need a card that says “I forgive you because you asked me under duress. But, really, you have not changed, or tried to change. I forgive you because you asked me to, but I don’t trust you and you don’t trust me. I forgive you because it is supposed to be healthier for me, but you never really apologized anyway. I forgive you because I have no choice, but do you even remember the terrible things you said? I forgive you because it is the right thing to do, and shows my strength, but you have thrown me under the bus so many times, I have tire tracks on my back.”

Is that too much to ask for?

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