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There are passions and interests that drive us to push forward, but our loss of privacy and increase of others’ judgment certainly causes doubt.

When writing online, there are those who will not speak to you, but believe that they “know” you from those things that you put out into the cybersphere.  Our beliefs and ideals can be present, but there is still fear from the anxieties of the past.  Those experiences affect the decisions we make in the future because we don’t want to go through the painful processes again.  Have enough bad experiences, and a strong memory, and the anxiety ramps up.

Be not the slave of your own past

It causes sensitive people to hold back or not dare to express at all.  Bullying in any form makes someone hide.  Yet, by the obvious existence of millions and millions of voices trying to be heard, the small self says “I am.  I do exist.”   If you have found your community and been privileged to develop strong relationships with kind and encouraging people, you have found a treasure.  Criticism and judgment tear people down and drain the spirit.

Knowing who you are and your priorities, including character and integrity, exist whether anyone understands it or not.   Isn’t it funny how many people don’t speak to another yet they fear what is being said online?  I guess that is another inkling of doubt as well.  We each have them, but reaching beyond hostile environments to seek out kinder climes is a basic need and critical to healthy mental and physical being.  It is scary to be vulnerable, but we find out quickly who does, and does not, deserve our time and attention.

dont ruin a good day


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Sometimes, we are faced with an irony that seems impossible in light of the “facts.” Two people in their 20’s are convinced that I have the face, voice, and knowledge to be the authority of an online channel.  I speak with strength, commitment and passion; they feel that what I say comes across in a compelling way that will make people want to listen.  Some may be threatened, but others may respond with a hearty “Heck, yeah!”

How do I reconcile this with the reality presented to me by some others?  I have worked with people who said “don’t laugh” or “don’t talk.”  Umm.  Ok, no problem, I will just be loud in my head.  Did it silence my opinions or make me think any less deeply?  Of course not; I just didn’t express my thoughts where they weren’t wanted.

I have adult children who have definitely said “Stop. Please. Just Stop.”  Sometimes, people don’t like my face, my laugh, my presumed attitude, or whatever else offends them in their opinion.  Yet, these two younger people say they can tell that I am an interesting person to listen to??? Are they playing me? (they told me I used that term wrongly).

It’s a flattering thought to try to be a voice that wants to resonate with others. But, I am also aware that there are ramifications to being a semi-public voice.  Do I really want to be famous? In a word, No.  I have no desire to seek out fame and its less appealing downside.  As they say, there are no half packages, and ramifications exist in whatever choices we make.  Validation and approval is appealing to my ego, but, my privacy is important to me.  Still, I do seem to have a lot to say.

That seems to be the dichotomy – finding our voice – and whether we choose to honor it out loud, or question its validity internally?

voice_loud in my head

I know what I like and have no problem expressing it.  My reasoning and experience give me the right to form an opinion, but what is the right way to use it?

Does having a voice mean making sure that it is seen and heard? Or, does it mean honoring portions of it in how I behave towards others?   Is it the strength to speak up or to remain silent?

you cant find your voice if you don't use it

So, now, I am curious.  Do you seek out your crowd? Or, do you create an interest and let them bring themselves as a disparate but collectively united community?  Or, does finding your voice mean that you feel so true to yourself, that you don’t need the approval of others?  It is hard to be vulnerable, but could it help others who think that they are all alone in their feelings or thoughts?

Have you found your unique voice?  If so, how have you chosen to express it?  I really want to know and intend to keep this a non-toxic environment.  Because, if my voice can be heard, I want safety, empathy, respect, and kindness.  There is room enough for all ideas and more than one way to carve out a valid point of view.


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Thank you for stopping by.  I hope that you enjoy your visit.


a wise man knows what he says

The truth, like each word, can be understood differently depending upon the observer.  Freedom of expression, or a desire thereof, is why we write and comment upon each other’s posts.  The power of words can create, destroy, encourage, portend, compliment, or poison.  A vow changes a life forever.

Our life experiences help us to see below the façade and understand the individual Truths.  We think before we speak and understand.  Hearing and listening are two different activities. Whether it is empathetic and compassionate is as much up to the speaker as it is to the listener.  A wise man knows what he says, but a wise person sees beneath the superficial to the underlying message to be learned.

Raise your voice and close your eyes.

I hope that you are hearing kind words.


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