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balloons afloat


Being sensitive to our environment, and to other people, empathetic and empathic people feel the energy of the people around them.  There are those who speak to us and we can sense the black cloud that comes with them.  Others may speak, but detachment, or lack of authenticity, reaches us first.

When we spend time with genuine and sincere people, our spirits rise ~ it is a weight lifted off of us and joy and gratitude raise us up like floating balloons carrying us forward.

It is in such striking contrast to many of our daily interactions, that it cannot help but to be felt.  Acknowledging that for me this week brought such a feeling of gratitude.  It made me realize that it is a rare and wonderful gift to be aware of the best from those around me and how welcoming their friendship and kindness can truly be.

friendship and kindness



Thank you for stopping by!  I hope that you enjoy your visit and find your moment of joy.


This photo was taken by me when we released balloons in memory of my mother, for Mother’s Day, two weeks after she died.


success foundation stones_zig ziglar


As they say, there is no part-time integrity.  You either have it or you don’t. Integrity is more than just a business buzzword because its meaning encompasses so much more.

There is a great inner strength and confidence to be found when you realize that others are seeking meaning and fulfillment by engaging their minds, souls, and hearts.  Passion for a project, or personal endeavor, begins with those parts of our emotional intelligence seeking a greater good.

When we engage that part of who we are, and what we seek in others, those are the values we want.  Leaders who inspire show such qualities in their behavior to others and in how they conduct business.  Sales improve when you engage others in your enthusiasm, beliefs, and willingness to help.  If the only motivation is money, what do you bring to an organization’s best overall?

Our daily living and morals are founded in our beliefs.  Values can change, but, hopefully, character and integrity remain in tact.  Our sense of who we are, who we want to be, and who we want to be around is hinged upon sincerity, honesty, empathy, trust, loyalty, and intelligence.

Personally, I want to be inspired by someone’s goodness.  Their car or fancy vacations mean nothing to me.  Kindness, compassion, generosity, charity, and encouragement are lasting impressions that I respect and remember far longer.


Thank you for stopping by.  I hope that you enjoy your visit.


Integrity_douglas adams


Thank you for stopping by.  I hope that you enjoy your visit.


she did not need very much


There is great beauty and many beautiful things to be appreciated.  But, people with sincerity, integrity, honesty, empathy and an ability to laugh often and well, surpass them them all.


Thank you for stopping by.  I hope that you enjoy your visit.





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