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If there is a task to be done, it seems that the same personalities offer their help again and again.  It is the survivors that do what must be done.  They have lived through it, and in their empathy, move forward knowing that they have done it and can keep going.

I spent the weekend with my siblings.  One took charge when a stranger wandered into the middle of a child’s group, guiding away the individual to neutral ground.  Another stepped in to the middle of a crisis, doing the most unpleasant of tasks, because it had to be done despite the pain.

Is it inner strength or confidence? Perhaps, it is the remnant of how we were raised.  We operate with conviction in the midst of a crisis.  Resolving an issue is first and foremost, then can be debated later.  When challenged with life issues, we have witnessed, and risen up, to do that which must be done for someone else’s physical well-being, and dealt with our own emotions later.  We were raised with a sense of urgency and responsibility that I miss seeing around me; I find it to be inspiring.

There are plenty who like to take credit, but few that will roll up their sleeves.  That is the difference that separates leaders from managers and individuals from the collective.

To me, being tenacious in the face of challenges, is what gets the job done.  Whether personally or professionally, taking the first step is what moves it along.  There will be many doubts, and doubters, that will deconstruct after the fact, but it is an act of strength to care enough to make a difference.



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These are trying times in the world with blustering and great political unrest. But, internally, we also have our days of ups and downs. We strive for the resilience to meet each day with patience and optimism, but sometimes we need a renewed faith in ourselves and others.

If you find this today, I hope this gives you a bit of strength to keep going until the sun shines again within you.



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Every time you choose to stand up for yourself, you are enthusiastically living your life.  It is the absolute possession of your own mind to step forward, or hesitate, to improve how you feel and make the next best choice.  Each time you choose to show up, despite the pain, fear, and anxiety, you are enthusiastically encouraging yourself to keep going.

Enthusiasm doesn’t mean giggling at everything or punishing yourself if you don’t feel like smiling all the time.  Life has tumbles and struggles.  But, you can rise up because it is your choice and effort to do so.

Live your life to the best of your ability.  Show empathy and not cruelty.  Kindness and compassion increase the positive of life and make you feel better as you help others to do so.  Choosing to be enthusiastic in your life means that you are fully engaged in being sincere, honest, or vulnerable.

You are living enthusiastically each time you show yourself a good time or find the healing power of laughter.  Be proud of who you are and each step forward, even if you must step back a few times to get there.  Joy is your natural birthright and embrace it when you can.

Be enthusiastic in caring for yourself as much as you care for others.  Choose to make yourself a priority and, no matter what you face, remember how strong and brave you are no matter what you choose to take on.

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