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to kill a mockingbird_real courage

I feel this way about the Truth.  Sometimes, it seems that we have to fight so hard to get past the lies, the falsehoods, the revisionist histories…..our truth is simple. It is others’ opinions of us, and our beliefs and histories, that turns our existence into a battle.

We try to remain courageous in our heart and face the world each day with strength and self esteem. We know what is right and act from a place of integrity. Someday, I hope that our quiet faith in something unseen, but acted upon daily in pursuit of kindness and compassion, will be acknowledged.

Ours is not a popular opinion in a world that believes winning at any cost is to be admired and that anything said in the pursuit of one’s power is acceptable. But, to try each day despite those that attempt to silence us, to act with empathy and authenticity is an act of courage.


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