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Still trusting is an act of bravery despite the dark times and the betrayals.  Resilience, in spite of words to harm and humiliate, is a strength.

Our history and experience creates empathy for others that need our support and encouragement.  We move beyond the superficial and look for people who are honest and unafraid to express themselves honestly.

Every day that you get up and push yourself to move forward shows just how brave you are.  It isn’t easy, but keep going.  Show ’em all just how strong you really are.


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precipice_c s lewis


We are on the precipice of a great and glorious future….. or so many commencement addresses have begun, or enticements to war.  At the start of a new job or a major life change, we stand at the steep edge of one position to make a great leap into another and untried experience.

Change can be good, yet many of us have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to leave a bad situation to head into a new unknown.  Stepping out of a comfort zone is scary even when it is good for us.  We do stay in situations that are unhealthy, unproductive, and stagnant.  Some of our best skills and inherent traits go unused because they are undervalued or underexposed.

Yet, it is scary to step off that ledge into the vast abyss of doubt, fear, anxiety, and start anew. By nature, we are optimistic that things will work out, or money will arrive, or our health will hold out, or untested faith that all will occur rightly, as it should.

Taking chances, or choosing something new in our life, tests our endurance mentally and physically.  Despite the fear, there are the brave few who leap ~ precariously, judiciously, respectfully, and forcefully, to create change.  Embracing achievement and expanding our horizons means taking that first step.  But, it can be the start of something incredible and no matter how big, starts with that first shaky step to land on the other side of optimism, and simply begin…

precipice_diane arbus



Thank you for stopping by.  I hope that you enjoy your visit!





Thank you for stopping by!  I hope that you enjoy your visit.



Being empathetic and sensitive means we observe and consider all the time.  We absorb our environment and the energy of the places and people that we encounter.  Being so finely tuned to others’ personalities, comments, and unspoken wants and needs, we process both good and bad.

Speaking for myself, I don’t forget.  For better or worse, I have a very long memory and a strong desire for justice and honesty.  Once I have encountered someone who has lied to me, or about me, I cannot just brush it off.  I will behave honorably because that is how I choose to live my life, and in the scheme of things, I want to be better than I was yesterday and continue to learn from the lessons that life has in store for me.

The dilemma is that I can see the craving for attention, the desire to engage, insecurities, and drive in someone else, but while being attentive, I have to protect myself.  It is a delicate balance between head and heart all the time.  It is easy, as a sensitive person, to get sucked into someone else’s drama.  Because we consider people to be inherently good, and seek to empathize, it can take a long time to accept that they have betrayed us or behaved so abusively.  We could never imagine treating others like that, so when it happens to us, it can be a shock to the system. It is so different than how we want to approach the world and create positive change and lasting kindness.


Considering each step and each word is a delicate attempt to reach for the high road.  Does it improve us, or the environment, for the better?  I will be polite and courteous hoping that the future, and I, will grow more patient, tolerant, and kind.

I continue to whisper a prayer to accept what I cannot change and change what I can accept.  


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