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Why do people rush to condemn, but pause rather than speak up?

Why do people run with gossip, but remain silent, when a compliment could be given?

Why do some people pause when they have a chance to help and defend?

A pause to judgment is fine if you use the break to reflect and consider all sides.  A pause in speaking that allows you to listen, and empathize with another, is a gift.  Pausing to satisfy your own needs, while sharing with someone else, feeds the body and soul of another.

I have consciously worked to pause my speaking, told myself to hold back, rather than to respond in anger in the moment.  Yet, that pause was perceived as validation to someone else’s lie.

How do we stay strong in a moment of quiet against a bully whose bluster seeks to blow us down?  How do we create a space to begin or maintain healing when we pause in fear and doubt?

A pause is an opportunity to reflect and reconsider.  But, how do we make it meaningful?

What can I accomplish as I pause in my day?  How can I improve myself when I remove the distractions and detractors?

There can be joy and gratitude in pausing to reflect and look around us.  We pause to remember.  But, how do I strengthen myself in my pauses to fill those empty spaces?

pause to write


These are some of the questions that give me pause…  how deeply I struggle for understanding and peace.



Thank you for stopping by.   How do you use your pauses to refresh?






Thank you for stopping by.  I hope that you enjoy your visit.




Clarity begins with knowing and accepting who you are.

For instance, any clothing item described as “rubberized lace” (yes, that actually exists), makes me wince, in private, and is a definite NO on my fashion list.

Videos of people falling down, getting hurt, locked in porta-potties, crashing, jumping through rings of fire – all get a big fat NO on my entertainment list.

Never had shellfish and am good with that.  Truly, the idea of cracking the legs off of my dinner, and sucking out the bottom feeder belly, does the opposite of enhance my appetite.  I have enough trouble manipulating a raw chicken.

I have never been a “misery loves company” type of person.  When people interrupt me to tell me their stories along those lines, I don’t understand.  I would never want that to happen to me, so why would I want that to happen to you?  Yes, I learned the hard way.  But if you did too, then why are you sharing the misery in your behavior towards me?  Let’s seek comfort and empathy, rather than a competitive “can you top this?”  Talk to me about survival and re-invention.

Self-knowledge is a good thing.  Once we understand what we can accept, improve, change, tolerate, or avoid, perhaps we can share that kind of wisdom and understanding with others.  Realizing what our experiences have taught us helps to create empathy.  We have struggled with the aftermath of grief in its many forms.

For sensitive people, it takes courage to find the funny in the mundane.  We are more easily attuned to the serious because we are so cautious about people getting hurt.  Sometimes, a look at the whimsical and a healthy laugh are healing.

Of course, if they jump through rings of fire while wearing rubberized lace, they are on their own.




Thank you for stopping by!  I hope that you enjoy your visit.


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