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jim morrison_dont believe in everything you see

We write to inspire, to create, to carve out a piece of the world that belongs to us, but choose to share with others.

Yet, publicly expressing how we feel is scary.  Some of us try to avoid controversy or conflict, in hopes of being kinder, gentler, and not succumbing to negative judgments. The reality is we are aware of more negative responses than positive ones.

Those who judge us most harshly, often choose not to see the truth, nor inquire at the source to find it, but pass along hearsay or false information pretending that it is real.

As they say, there are none so blind as those who will not see….

Telling the truth is controversial because it makes us vulnerable to those who would twist it or use pieces of it to create their version of reality.   When did caring become so rare and gentle honesty removed from daily interactions?  Having strong opinions leads to change, especially if we are willing to open our hearts and minds, in addition to our mouths.

Some people bully others into silence and we are told not to speak. So how can someone claim to know us by causing us to remain unheard?

A person who does not speak to me, nor respect my opinion, cannot claim to speak for me. Choosing to misrepresent the truth doesn’t make it so; it just creates conflict and controversy.  If the point is to be the loudest person in the room, controversy will be achieved.

But, resolution and honest communication don’t stand a chance.









  1. Excellent thoughts my friend and I concur with these sentiments of Yours
    ” When did caring become so rare and gentle honesty removed from daily interactions?”

    Sending Love and Light.. ❤

    • Thank you Sue. I needed your positive response so very much – I am most grateful. 🙂

      • I was happy to respond.. and It was lovely coming across your post to day in the reader.. We see so much anger being vented forth these days..
        Sometimes people do not see the Truth.. and do not wish to.. for they are still contained within their own bubbles of illusion.. But these bubbles are gradually being to burst.. And when everything shatters.. We may then see some scratching their heads as they seek to find meaning in what has transpired..
        Keep being YOU my friend.. And speaking from your heart… And remember, we only wound ourselves with other peoples opinions of us.. All that matters is that we do know the truth 😉 lol

        Love and Blessings xxx Sue

  2. It has always required great courage to speak ones truth. Civility seems to have been swallowed whole by intentionally cruel rhetoric and this is a shame. Your courage, tenacity and grace is inspiring and gives one yet another bit of hope. I admire you immensely.

    • B ~~ you have no idea how meaningful your kindness and compassion is to me. I know that you are a survivor too, trying to be better today than you were yesterday, and always moving forward. I respect that so very much. ❤

  3. Important and truthful words. I close down when I feel I will be judged rather than heard.

    • I understand that. I don’t want to waste my time when I know the other person has already written me off. But, it goes against my natural instinct of sensing and observing others….I cannot turn that off. It is hard to keep so much within.

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