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Company loyalty, empathy, and kindness go a long, long way! West Jet shows us all how it is done and the ripples of their excitement and heartfelt goodwill are literally going around the world in this viral video.

For a jumpstart on compassion, tears of joy, and feeling your heart enlarge, watch often and share with friends and loved ones!!

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Airports are perhaps the least jolly of locales during the holiday season, generally filled with disgruntled people facing delays, lost luggage and other mishaps. But, thanks to WestJet, one gaggle of weary travelers was treated to a Christmas miracle that turned an airport into Santa’s workshop.

The Canadian airline, with the help of a virtual and tech-savvy Santa Claus, learned what passengers at the Toronto and Hamilton International Airports — who were waiting to board flights to Calgary — had on their Christmas wishlists this year. Once everyone boarded their planes, the WestJet team also took off — on shopping sprees, that is.

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In the midst of things going wrong, and life taking turns we did not expect, remember that you may be the Angel that someone else is waiting for.

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How timely! Valuing and Appreciating People, Being Understanding and Aware that Struggle is Difficult, Embarrassing and Humiliating. Instead of belittling, or insulting about how people got into their situation, they care enough to make a real turnaround in people’s lives.

They return dignity and self-esteem to those who have lost it. They don’t hand out platitudes, they hand out help.

To those who say that soft skills, like Empathy and Kindness, have no basis in business, or those who say “We don’t do that here….” this proves that Success and Financial Benefit is accessible to all involved.

It is not just Business, it is Personal. Empowering, uplifting, caring, listening, and making the effort to take action that will help someone else for the sake of doing good. It truly is changing lives and if this company had offices across the country, or accepted calls from other cities, there is no doubt that they would have more business than they could handle.

The value of appreciation, empathy, and the human spirit (with all that it is capable of) is priceless.

No bricks or mortar, no walls, just heart and soul.

They don’t tell them to live on peanut butter and jelly, nor rubbing salt in the wound

Debt Collector Thrives With Simple Strategy: Kindness.

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