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I do not need to be a refugee to support the right and freedom of faith and religious observance.

I do not need to be gay to support LGBT rights against discrimination.  28 states have no legislation to prevent discrimination in employment or housing.

I do not need to be a cat to support animal rights against cruelty.

I do not need to be adopted to support the rights of those who seek to do so freely.

I do not need to be mentally ill to support legislation for equal health protections and insurance parity.  Nor do I need to be poor to require affordable health care, period.

But, if I were in need of understanding, empathy, and community support, I would not want to be afraid to speak up because I could lose my home, my job, my community rights, or legal representation.

Stereotypes continue because they are repeated, not because they are necessarily true. There is no wall high enough to limit extremism, ignorant discrimination, or racial epithets.  Supporting terrorist organizations does not reduce the killing of civilians or create any balance of power.  Ignoring the past does not cause history to change.

Where evil lurks, every time we turn a blind eye, it continues to grow.  Speaking out is a privilege, yet it is one that many of us are afraid to utilize for fear of it being held against us in some method of bullying or tyranny.

I do not have to agree with someone else’s opinion to let them have one of their own.  But, I pray that I do not have to be afraid to express mine.




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  1. Thank you.

  2. Well said. The world is a scary place at the moment and we need strong leaders to guide us forward.

    • I cannot lay, nor was I trying to, lay blame at the current President. These issues have been brewing for a long time. But, to be sure, they are getting more vocal and more violent.

  3. Oh Proust’s words are so wise….

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